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Facsimile: As Luise the letters ... KV 520..

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Facsimile: When Luise the letters of her faithless lover burned
"Generated by hot fantasy"
Song for Voice and Piano KV 520
Text by Gabriele von Baumberg (1766 - 1839)

Conceived of fervent fantasy, brought into the world in an hour of rapture! Perish! You children of melancholy!

You owe to passion's flames your being: To the flames I now return you with all the songs of ecstasy, for alas, not to me alone he sang them.

You burn now, and soon, my loves, no trace of you will remain: but alas, the man who wrote you may long still burn within me. 

Facsimile with trilingual introduction by Johanna Senigl:

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