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Facsimile & 2-CD-SET: Nannerl music book..

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Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart (1751 - 1829)
Complete facsimile with 2-CD SET: Nannerl music book

Nannerl´s   famous  music  book  documents  the  musical  education  of   Maria  Anna  Mozart (1751 - 1829), nicknamed  "Nannerl",  and  her brother  Wolfgang  (1756 - 1791). This  complete work  features   for  the   first time   all   pieces   from   the  music  book compiled between 1759 and  1764.  Besides  works  by  Leopold  Mozart, Wagenseil,  Adlgasser,  Tischer,  Agrell  and anonymous  composers.  Nannerl´s music book  comprises  20 pieces  by  the  young  Mozart demonstrating his astounding development as a composer.

Facsimile with trilingual introduction by Ulrich Leisinger:

german, english, french

120 pages, bound
size: 33 x 25 x 2  

CD 1 & CD 2: Nannerl music book -- total time: 1:49:20