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AUDIO BOOK Little Mozart..

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Little Mozart
from Brauer, Timna

An imaginative story about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music. Based on his most famous melodies, children learn about different rhythms, notations, compositions and sounds in a playful way. They hear how Mozart's melodies sound as swing or jazz versions and are encouraged to listen, participate and try them out.

Publishers: Betz, Annette (main publisher), Betz, Annette (main publisher), Annette Betz (main publisher)
Released 01/01/2006
pages 31
cover Bound
length 311.0mm
Broad 246.0mm
Height 9.0mm
weight 438.0 gr
language German
Libri no. 6969305
reading age from 5 years
Row Musical picture book with CD