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Book: Mozart Pictures -- Pictures of Mozart..

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A Portrait Between Imagination and Reality  

Issued by: Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg
                      Christoph Großpietsch

144 pages, size:  16.60 cm x 20.50 cm 

White wig, red coat ? this image of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart has become a firmly established cliché. In this exhibition, the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation shows a more differentiated picture of him.Valuable international loans will be on display, as well as pictures from the Foundation\'s own collection, presenting a fascinating juxtaposition of diverse historical portraits of Mozart, never before exhibited in this form. Authenticated portraits are compared with those of debatable authorship.

What is \"authentic\"? Which portrait comes closest to reality, and how has today\'s typical Mozart image evolved? Questions are raised, and pictures put up for discussion.

Exhibition: Mozart Pictures -- Pictures of Mozart
26 January - 31 October 2013, Mozart Residence, Salzburg

This book is available in german, but the most important information is translated into english.