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Book: Mozart Lucio Silla -- An early masterpiece..

ArtNr: 80118

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Issued by: Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg
                       Michael Fischer                               
                       Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg
                       Ulrich Leisinger

                       Verlag Anton Pustet 2013, ISBN 978-3-7025-0736-7

Lucio Silla with the then 16-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was first minted in the history of European opera. The composer himself has his early work highly estimated and some arias to the late time in Vienna perform at academies. Nevertheless, the opera has hardly been recognized to date as an independent work. The compounds of Lucio Silla tradition of opera seria and the groundbreaking innovations of the work are embedded in this publication, which is aimed at both lovers and connoisseurs of Mozart's operas in the context of intellectual history and carefully weighed. The starting point for the discussion is the staged performance of the opera at the Mozart Week 2013, a co-production with the Salzburg Festival in cooperation with the Bremen Music Festival.

This book is available in german.

236 pages, size:  16,60 cm x 23,50 cm, with color and black and white pictures

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Book: Mozart Lucio Silla -- An early masterpiece

ArtNr: 80118

Language: german
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