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Book: Art of Violin..

ArtNr: 80992-ENG

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LEOPOLD MOZART "The Art of the Violin"

Issued by: Culture Publishers Polzer, Salzburg 2007

Hardcover, 334 pages

The English translation of the modernized German version of Leopold Mozart´s Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule was published by Polzer Verlag in 2007. The second edition (1769) served as the basis for Gottfried Franz Kasparek´s modernization which included substituting obsolete words, adapting the grammar for better readability, and integrating noteworthy footnotes into the main text and omitting those which did not appear relevant in a modern context, especially references to outdated literature. In addition, the music examples were transferred into modern notation and obvious errors and misprints were tacitly corrected. Despite all this, every effort was made to preserve the special charm and expression of Leopold Mozart´s original text. This was also the aim of the English translation: to make the work easily understandable for the modernday reader, while retaining the tone and style of Mozart´s words as far as possible, or indeed, the spirit of the man himself.

Languages: german, english